The Blue suit for a Green Planet
Another milestone going circular

Four years after the launch of the Swiss fashion label «the Blue suit» the year 2022 marks another milestone: starting a promising journey and going circular. The right time to bring the communication to the next level.

In January 2021 I started to collaborate with Karen Rauschenbach and Yvonne Vermeulen, the co-founders of “the Blue suit”. They had just launched the pioneer project A crucial part of this project is the first practical use case, i.e., «the Blue suit” going circular. Furthermore, this is a good starting point to motivate other textile labels to join Circular Clothing – meanwhile a registered Cooperative in Zurich - and to make the vision of a zero-waste textile industry become true.

Let’s create distinctive communication

Before launching the new summer collection in spring 2022, it was time to define a distinctive communication for the next level: on the one hand keeping the core values of the existing website, on the other hand integrating the vision and first milestones of going circular.

In different internal workshops we iterated what the next communication level should look like.

The going life of the new website also marks the beginning of proactive media relations in Switzerland.
The whole team is very proud of the credible result on the different communication channels – see new website , Instagram the Blue suit (@the_blue_suit) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos and LinkedIn (4) the Blue suit: Administrator der Unternehmensseite | LinkedIn.

Role Models wearing “the Blue suit”

The new testimonial campaign, “Role Models wearing the Blue suit”, starts with Mireille Lalive d’Epinay, a Zurich based goldsmith. Like the co-founders of “the Blue suit” she is a power lady, entrepreneur and mother. A perfect match to present the new collection in a very personal and authentic way. See video

A big thank you to the whole team for this wonderful co-creative experience!
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