Circularity Assessment Tool

Checking the readiness of textile labels going circular

Going circular is a complex journey. And most companies and labels do not know where to start. This was the starting point for the cooperative Circular Clothing to develop an open-source assessment tool where textile labels can check their readiness to operate in a circular manner. 

Where do you start if you want to get involved in circular methods as a textile label? On the basis of the Cradle to Cradle® requirements, Circular Clothing has developed an online assessment tool which provides some initial answers. First, you select the product category, e.g. fashion, activewear, home textiles or accessories, then a specific product, e.g. a T-shirt. Once you have the entire product life cycle of the T-shirt in front of you, you move on to the actual assessment. This is made up of the five Cradle to Cradle® principles. Depending on your responses, you score points from 1 to 5. The final result provides the user with an initial rough overview of the extent to which their product meets Cradle to Cradle® requirements and where they can start when it comes developing a circular product.

The result provided by the online assessment is an ideal starting point for initial contact with Circular Clothing. The community provides textile labels which want to achieve circularity with solutions which a label would not be able to afford on its own: access to safe and healthy materials, a shared and transparent supply chain integrated in a Cradle to Cradle Certified® certification procedure and, naturally, knowledge of how to break out of the “take, make, waste” cycle of the linear economy to actively accelerate the circular concept and be able to offer products on the market which are made from safe materials and are circular.


From project work to implementation

A big compliment and thank you goes to the Bachelor Students of Design Management, International at HSLU Stefanie Bumbacher, Julia Ahlberg, Yehia Abouzaid and Katharina Payr who ideated the circularity assessment tool during their project work in autumn 2021 (see Work 2022.01); and to Jamilah Joseph who finalized and implemented the tool during her internship at Circular Clothing in 2022. A wonderful task for an aspiring interdisciplinary designer who plans to earn her Bachelor's degree in Design Management, International at HSLU in 2023!

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